Stop singing.
Do you remember your true parents?

If you mean my birth parents, they are not my true parents.
They gave me their genes but they did not care for me nor love me nor raise me, or teach me anything.
My true parents are Ninten’s grandparents.

Are you still here?


What is the correct way to pronounce your name?

Whether or not you add an additional “oo” to the end is your choice.

(( sorry about the lack of actual updates recently
ive been busy trying to help my partner with living situations and all that jazz
and i just havent had the time to draw anything for myself aside from some dinky little doodles, much less responses for any of my blogs
ill post something sometime soon hopefully ))

(( a more “sprite accurate” giegue i guessi just wanted to see how itd look in my style ))

(( a more “sprite accurate” giegue i guess
i just wanted to see how itd look in my style ))